Why is my father dead?

My Dad had 4th vaccine booster two weeks before a mild heart attack? The underfunding by Parliament of the NHS and the theft of our national insurance contributions led to him receiving poor nursing care, the system by which consultants and cardiologists get to swan in and out of hospital on a part-time basis only […]

from one of her many victims…

Ricky, Council House media Dear Liz, I wanted to offer you a response to your comeback that absolutely no one asked for because it seems the one group of people you are not remotely prepared to listen to are your primary victims – and there are an awful lot of us. Millions in fact. You […]

France Won’t Accept Emmanuel Macron’s Attack on Pensions

BYCOLE STANGLER, Jacobinmag.com Emmanuel Macron plans to raise France’s retirement age — but this Tuesday, well over a million people mobilized against him. One of the biggest social movements in years, it has a chance to deal a decisive blow to attacks on welfare. According to police figures, Tuesday’s nationwide protests marked the largest single-day […]

Michael Denning on Antonio Gramsci and Hegemony

AN INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL DENNING from Jacobinmag.com The great labor historian Michael Denning reflects on what Antonio Gramsci’s work has to tell us today. Listen to it at https://thedigradio.com/podcast/gramsci-hegemony-w-michael-denning/ Italian communist leader and theorist Antonio Gramsci is perhaps more referenced than actually read. But his work is worth wrestling with. As an organizer, Gramsci developed […]

Critical Mass News Team report:

IT IS time for Sir Keir to stop sitting on the fence and for the entire working class to mobilise against the latest round of anti-union laws, says Mick Lynch in a hard-hitting interview with Tribune magazine. The proposed new laws are not only a serious threat to working people’s right to strike but, according […]

The Secret Life of Communist Richard Sorge, Hitler’s Nemesis and the World’s Greatest Spy

BYDANIEL FINN Jacobin Magazine One man put a stop to Hitler’s march across Europe: not Stalin, Churchill, or Roosevelt, but a German Communist called Richard Sorge. Sorge was a real-life spy whose exploits surpassed any fictional creation, and one of the twentieth century’s great heroes. Eighty years ago today, the Nazis launched their invasion of […]

Organizing the Void

BYDANIEL FINN Jacobin Mag The new left in Europe and North America hasn’t made the transition from being a symptom of democratic crisis to offering an effective cure for it. Many political commentators are preoccupied with a threat to democracy from unruly barbarians at the gates, like the supporters of Donald Trump who rioted on […]

The current strike wave

Many workers are now standing up to fight. The ruling class and the Tory government, aided and abetted by the Labour leadership, are insisting that workers must accept job cuts, wage cuts, worse conditions and a downgrading of services. At the same time they have raised the cap on bankers’ bonuses. The Sunak government is […]

Left Unity – Why Is It So Hard to Achieve?

ByMike Stanton announcing policies whose sole aim is to attract Conservative voters. Little wonder that many of Corbyn’s supporters now find themselves politically homeless. For socialists this raises a number of questions. Can the left ever win control of the Labour Party and usurp the authority of the anti-socialist MPs and bureaucrats who dominate it […]