Pandemic Thoughts

When this SARS COVID epidemic broke out I became afraid that I would died and fail at my one purpose in my life, I would not be able to help my parents as they helped me. I followed government advice stayeed in as much as possible, washed my hands and wore a mask, I was even pleasantly surprised that the Tory government actually give people financial help.

Then the holes started to appear when the government didn’t follow successful responses by other countries governments and talked of herd immunity, apparently Johnson had no time for SAGE meeting as he was trying to write a book to pay his alimony. Having squandered the advanced warning time and not proceeded with the emergency planning already in place the shit hit the fan!

2016 Exercise Alice, a dry-run of how the NHS would respond to a coronavirus-like pandemic, identifies the need for more trained NHS personnel, beds and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as the need to maintain contact tracing and patient isolation capacity. Both Theresa May’s government (Conservative) and Simon Stevens fail to implement these recommendations.”

This the Tories met the pandemic with incompetence and corruption, contracts went to Tory party donors, track and trace apps took months? The vulnerable older generation were killed by incompetence with no consequences (if you were in work and your actions lead to a death there would be investigation and penalities?)

The failure of the Tories begin with its drive for profits and the capture or merging of the corporations to the state enabling them to funnel money to the top 0.01%, while they pushed austerity and privatisation on us. One of their main objectives is the selling off of the NHS to an American health insurance company UnitedHealth to do this they underfunded the fuck out of it making its ability to serve us harder cutting bed numbers in half and increased waiting lists. They had to make us believe it wasn’t working and needed to be privatise?

2020 Under Boris Johnson (Conservative), NHS privatisation, the decision by May’s government and Stevens not to prepare for pandemics, and Covid19 create a perfect storm. Hospitals become emergency Covid treatment centres. GPs are instructed by NHS England (NHSE) to replace face-to-face appointments with phone consultations, making it almost impossible to see your GP—a taste of what’s to come under American ‘managed care’. More than 1,500 health and care staff die from Covid due to the lack of PPE, the unofficial Tory ‘herd immunity’ policy, delayed lockdowns etc. The Tories pay two corporations without any expertise in public health—global accounting consultant Deloitte and outsourcing giant Serco—£37 billion to set up Test & Trace, which makes ‘no measurable difference’. Sir David King, former government Chief Scientific Officer, estimates that more than 100,000 UK Covid deaths could have been avoided.”

So they’re incompetence and greed killed many more people and no penalty’s only enrichment, but the pandemic led to other opportunities and surveillance capitalism wanted to extend data capture. The pandemic created a perfect cloak because it produced compliance and unity in ordinary people to work together and do whatever it takes to help the Nation. The data capture was expanded though tracking apps, passports, new laws and police bills (put in place ready to suppress the inevitable rebellion). Big tech unchecked is moving us towards biometric scanning and the merging of all our data into one, banking, medical, shopping, our politics, our location and perhaps an individual human score like in China but thats a bigger story .

To hide their crimes they created a divide and rule strategy, lets not look at all the criminal mishandling by government, lets blame people who are not vaccinated.

And down the rabbit hole full of muddy water we go!

There is no doubt that there are a small group of people who think vaccines are the devils semen but the numbers of people refusing the vaccine are way above the possible 0.0001% of the population who believe vaccines are evil. Why?

Distrust in the pharmacy companies?

These companies have a history of fraud, corruption and malpractice

for example

In the largest health care fraud settlement in history, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer must pay $2.3 billion to resolve criminal and civil allegations that the company illegally promoted uses of four of its drugs, including the painkiller Bextra, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Wednesday.

A federal judge in America has overturned a $4.5 billion bankruptcy settlement between Purdue Pharma, the makers of OxyContin, and the Sackler family which owns the company, designed to shield them from civil lawsuits over their role in the opioid crisis. Purdue sought bankruptcy protection in 2019 as it faced allegations it had lobbied doctors to needlessly prescribe OxyContin, fuelling the opioid crisis that has killed more than 500,000 Americans over the past two decades.”

Whistleblower Exposes multiple issues with Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine trial

Also lobbying has lead to the capture of the FDA and a revolving door where many directors come from or go to drug companies

Scott Gottlieb, M.D Special Partner, New Enterprise Associations, Inc.’s healthcare investment team and Resident Fellow of the American Enterprise Institute. Dr. Gottlieb served as the 23rd Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from 2017 to 2019.

not much to like here and not unreasonable to distrust them

One of the major problems with the lobbying power of big pharma is its been making government health policy based on its drive for profit, in the UK SAGE and the NHS have been pushed aside and a the pandemic response whittled to one thing Vaccinate everyone!

I will say here that I am vaccinated but my thoughts and fears about the vaccine have vacillated, I put this down to a lack of trust in government messaging which has been abysmal. Also I worried about the speed it was produced, hows it work? Side effects??

After two years I finally found some information on Empire files podcast that put my mind to rest

Empire files

1. Speed it was produced? Nope its been here a long time.

Messenger RNA, or mRNA, was discovered in the early 1960s; research into how mRNA could be delivered into cells was developed in the 1970s. So, why did it take until the global COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 for the first mRNA vaccine to be brought to market

The early years of mRNA research were marked by a lot of enthusiasm for the technology but some difficult technical challenges that took a great deal of innovation to overcome.

The biggest challenge was that mRNA would be taken up by the body and quickly degraded before it could “deliver” its message—the RNA transcript—and be read into proteins in the cells.

The solution to this problem came from advances in nanotechnology: the development of fatty droplets (lipid nanoparticles) that wrapped the mRNA like a bubble, which allowed entry into the cells. Once inside the cell, the mRNA message could be translated into proteins, like the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, and the immune system would then be primed to recognize the foreign protein.

2. Hows it work? I was worried it mess with my genes!

Most vaccines contain a weakened or dead bacteria or virus. However, scientists have developed a new type of vaccine that uses a molecule called messenger RNA (or mRNA for short) rather than part of an actual bacteria or virus. Messenger RNA is a type of RNA that is necessary for protein production. In cells, mRNA uses the information in genes to create a blueprint for making proteins. Once cells finish making a protein, they quickly break down the mRNA. mRNA from vaccines does not enter the nucleus and does not alter DNA.”

So it doesn’t change my DNA and RNA is necessary for protein production, my body uses it to make protein and it breaks down in hours after being vaccinated

3. Side effects

Myocarditis and Pericarditis After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination, I think this risk is about 1 in 3000 according to Dr John Campbell he says that this is happening because they are not aspirating the injection, the guideline for intermuscular injections say you pull back and see if there’s blood in syringe its not happening?.

Dr John Campbell (he has many videos on this)

this is a side effect but the possibility of Myocarditis and Pericarditis is twenty times higher if you catch SARS corvid virus.

Delayed Mensuration, the above empire files podcast explains this side effect, it is not sinister it is simply that when your vaccinated the body started putting all it resources into making proteins to fight the virus, it makes this its number one priority and put other functions on the back burner.

So mensural cycles are disrupted, I was knackered makes sense now.

I am happy the vaccine will decrease my risk of dying I’m not happy with the governments shit response and profiteering.

How we should response?

1. let SAGE and NHS manage the pandemics

2. Fully fund the NHS

3. Renationalise the NHS

4. Take the patent off the Vaccine

5. Prosecute companies profiteering

6. End corporate lobbying

7. Prosecute and expel corrupt MP’s

So lets not let them divide and rule us to hide their profiteering, fraud and corruption, lets listen to each, other fight for our NHS and our civil liberties

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