About me

“We have a tremendous productive capacity, but this productive capacity does not return to the people!

I went to Loughor secondary school and Penyrheol comprehensive and didn’t finish with a good education, so expect spelling mistakes and bad grammar! I am not going to write this blog well so I will try and keep my thoughts short.
I’ve started this blog to collectively find a way to avoid the rabbit holes placed in our way by our new feudal Lords, they easily divide us with Social media algorithms that reward hate and fear. We have to come together in small groups or collectives to study, read and propagate progressive ideas.

I left school semi lterate 😳 after a poor start in junior school I mitched my way though secondary and comprehensive school. After my apprenticeship I was made unemployed for 3 years, in this time I was recruited to militant but they couldn’t answer a very important question “how will you stop the rise of stalinism?”

I then got a job that allowed me to read, one of my favourite books was “homage to catalonia” by George Orwell. This led me to read about anarchists like Durruti and Makhno, which got me interested in Anarchism.

Well last few years I’ve resumed my search for answers and looked at a lot of reformist groups, but their focus on parliamentary change is bullshit.

Labour Party for instance has been in parliament 100 years and has towed the imperialist line throughout, the reforms of Attlee government were behind social democracy in the rest of Europe. All nearly gone now with much hand wringing gaslighting and no resistance.

Austerity is a posh word for class war, Chomsky

Now I’m back with Anarchism

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