Why is Russia invading Ukraine


Well this is the reason, Oil & Gas & Water, we are adrift in a sea of hipocracy

The Capitalist economy is driven by oil and gas, olygachs in West and East are fighting over these resources. Huge new gas and oil fields have been discovered in the Ukraine and off the coast of the Crimea estimated at 2 trillion dollars. This is why the Crimea was annexed Russian olygachs wanted to get richer.

Since it annexation the Ukrainian government has cut off the water supply leading to a climate change disaster for the people living in the Crimea? So much for the Russian government giving a shit about the people in the Crimea.

If a peace is brokered in the Ukraine my guess is that the Russians will occupy the southern part cutting Ukraine off from the Black Sea to keep the rights to new offshore gas and oil fields. This is not about Nazis or broken treaties its about money Russia is a petrostate like Saudi Arabia 50% of its revenues come from fossil fuels.

With such huge sums being fought over by these colossal powers our future were we actually survive is bleak, I know people are blinkered by the need to keep there heads above water, I know alienation crushes us with despondency but be have to organise and believe in our own power. There really isn’t any other option noones come to save us!

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