My socialist program

By Nigel

The workers’ movement for a long time it allowed itself to be seduced by the false-voices of reformism and by the siren songs of politics, which lead only to the emancipation of leaders and redeemers, who from being brothers turn abruptly into enemies. (Isaac Puente, Libertarian Communism)

“The bourgeoisie controlled economic life long before it took state power; it had become the dominant class materially, culturally and ideologically before it asserted its dominance politically. The proletariat does not control economic life” (Murray Bookchin, Listen Marxist)

How do we go from a capitalist system to a democratic socialism system? Not by gradual reforms or manifestos written by small professional elites, we can do it by creating dual power.

For working people to achieve economic independence they must demand real local democracy and oppose the present system that has created a hierarchy of professional politicians.

The councillors must become a delegate, his actions changed to a administrative, not policymaking. They must be confined to coordinating and executing the policies adopted by the local assemblies, all power must flow from the bottom up.

“This requires making the assemblies conscious that they are the ones entitled to legitimate decision-making power, so that they will be the ones to recall delegates if they overstep their mandates and the will of the assembly. In this way, the assembly structure abolishes the possibility of the ruling class of professional politicians that might emerge from large-scale policy-making unaccountable to the base.

The decisions of popular assemblies across larger territories are coordinated and collaborated upon, allowing for region-wide decisions on economic, environmental, human rights, and other issues within a structure in which the delegate must always return to the base for instruction.” (The Confederation as the Commune of Communes
Debbie Bookchin & Sixtine van Outryve)

People need to relearn how to regulate democratically their own lives.

Local democratic assemblies must control the budgets and administer them in line with interests of the people, not business interests but familys and community interests.

People are excluded from planning and budgetary decisions, we should decide how to spend the taxes we pay, political elites treat like their children, I think people would spend the money differently, on schools, healthcare and community projects, on themselves not big business.

Why the current drive toward bigger and centralized structures and organisations? Big schools, big hospitals and supermarkets? These monoliths are creating deserts making it harder and harder for us to access the basic necessity’s, like food, education and health.

Decentralization not monopoly is the answer.

Communities or wards should have democratic sovereign assemblies administrating their budgets, So working people could enrich their communities and not wait for wealth to trickle down, people’s assemblies could invest in cooperatives, credit unions, housing, Green energy, education, and local organic food production ending dependants on globalisation.

We could put a end to useless work! reduce the working week, refocus on what our community and familys need.

All profits are hours stolen from you! Time you could have spent learning, playing, with your family or socialising with friends, let’s reclaim them for ourselves.

Why privatize? why give someone a cut of our taxes in profits? Why not start a cooperative or non-profit.

I’d love to hear other people’s ideas on how they’d plan their own lives in comments.

My Two penny worth 😁

if I was planning changes in my community, I’d want a community hospital, local schools, why bus our children miles to a huge comprehensive school?

I’d help our taxis and buses to go electric, reducing they costs and improving everyone’s health by reduce cancer and asthma causing fuel fumes.

I look for ways to introduce green energy to reduce heating costs, for instance we have a river running through our valley that could provide electricity.

While electric cars are being pushed as the green solution they are another comsumer product and out of the reach of most of us, a greener way would be electric bicycles and scooters. The Garw valley has a disused railway that could be a brilliant two lane cycle track.

We need to end the Globalization of food production, we need to grow food locally and sell it in local markets. Put a end to pesticides and antibiotics in food.

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