Cooper put on hook over Labour’s Ukraine hypocrisy


Shadow Home Secretary admits Labour is not supporting waiving of visa requirements for Ukrainian refugees
Yvette Cooper, Keir Starmer’s Shadow Home Secretary, was put on the spot today when she appeared on Sky to attack the Tories over their failure to make adequate arrangements to welcome refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Tory Transport Secretary Grant Shapps had just admitted that only seven hundred and sixty visas have been granted out of 22,000 applications – but when Cooper appeared, the interviewer challenged her that Starmer’s party is not supporting calls for the waiving of visa requirements and Cooper had to admit that Labour is only calling for a different type of ’emergency’ visa:

Sky’s political hack Tamara Cohen then pointed out that the EU is going far beyond what Labour says it backs, yet Keir Starmer continues to claim he is supporting the people of Ukraine and has said he supports Boris Johnson despite Johnson’s obvious dishonesty and hypocrisy in his own claims about the UK’s measures to support Ukrainians.

Nigel Note: 100 years of gaslighting and we still listen to Labours crap!

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