Left Unity Wales March 2022 newsletter

Dear Comrades

This is more of a traditional newsletter as there is and has been a lot going on in these horrendous times.


As Left Unity Wales we produced an additional statement supporting the call for global protest for peace by Stop the War, CND, Codepink. The Left Unity statement, which places the invasion in the international context of growing imperial rivalry, is also supported and is linked in the text.

Events are starting to show how effective collective peaceful protests can be against war and how critical it is that we are able to support them in Wales unequivocally. Our Left Unity Wales and Left Unity statements are standing the test of time. We will continue to work with all who wish to support the welfare and resistance of the Ukrainian people, and stand against war and its escalation, with collective peaceful protest that directly supports those doing the same in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

No Pasaran conference Berlin 19 March 2022

Left Unity is a member of the Party of the European Left which has organised this conference to share experiences and help coordinate the fight against the Far Right in Europe but also internationally. As Left Unity we have played a key role in helping this conference to take place. You can attend and register for the conference through this link:


19 March 2022 – Berlin & online

This conference brings together activists and experts from Europe and beyond to determine the most effective ways to challenge and defeat the far right.

https://t.co/8N51sB6wSg https://t.co/2TEv31n2ae

Cost of living crisis – Can’t pay won’t pay?

The cost-of-living crisis is forcing over a third of all households to cut back. The New Economics Foundation (Nef), suggests that even by April almost half of all children will be living in households that are unable to meet the cost of some basic necessities.

Personally, my joint energy bill will have increased by 100% in April an additional £120.00 per month over current payments.

It is no exaggeration to say that millions are being forced into poverty.

Inflation is a wage cut.

Profiteering is rife as companies hide behind the Tory claims that price rises are caused by events beyond their control. British Gas profits on household energy supplies have risen 44% over last year. The state can control prices by nationalising energy suppliers and other utilities.

We are supporting the People’s Assembly demonstration in Cardiff 2 April Queen Street 12.30 to 13.30. Details and link to follow.

Supporting all trade union action to increase wages is one clear demand, as is stopping the NI increase and uprating all welfare payments immediately, to cover price increases.

We should also think of a ‘can’t pay won’t pay’ action of a bill payment strike and possibly a peoples food requisition movement.

Re-launch of Left Unity Valleys Branch / Cangen y Cymoedd Undod Chwith

Due to the growing interest in Left Unity Wales and in our radical left ecosocialist politics we are re-founding our Left Unity Mid-Glamorgan branch as the Left Unity Valleys Branch / Cangen y Cymoedd Undod Chwith.

The meeting on 28 March in Merthyr Tudful starts at 18.30 with an open discussion about the relevance of ecosocialism in Wales and internationally, and what we can do to take action now to end the multiple crises capitalism is throwing at us.

It is then followed at 19.45 by an open mic session of Poems for Peace with poets from Wales reading their own work.

All who are interested are most welcome. https://www.facebook.com/events/513715420151184?ref=newsfeed

People’s Assembly Wales
As you know this is a network of the left in Wales where we coordinate our fightback against the Tories and the neo-liberalism they stand for. We didn’t plan it to work this way but since moving to online meetings, now once a fortnight, and talking daily through the Messenger group, we have been able to initiate and support a whole range of campaigns. We would argue that as Left Unity Wales, fits our ecosocialist politics of helping to build open collective action to fight the problems people are experiencing, whilst also raising demands that challenge the causes rooted in the crises of capitalism that the Tories try to solve at our expense.

At the latest count we have been involved in around 25 different campaigns over the last three years covering supporting industrial action; XR and action against climate collapse; continuing to oppose austerity cuts in the NHS, the National Library, social care and support, supporting BLM and anit-racist campaigns including where people have died in police custody, we have opposed the Police Bill and are now developing the WATT campaign against the systematic Tory attacks on human rights and democracy.

All of this has been achieved through open networking and trying to find ways of cooperating across the left and not looking for differences.

You’ve probably seen it before, but here is the latest PA Wales meeting report.

We think it is a priority that we are involved in this action as Left Unity Wales as it is about putting our politics into action, achieving real gains and building the collective strength of workers to increasingly take power. If you wish to participate it’s easy, just let me know and I can put you on the mailing and Messenger list and you are most welcome to come to the fortnightly meetings, just use the Zoom link to turn up.

People’s Alliance of the Left in Wales?

The coming local elections are very important as we will be electing councillors for five years not four, as has been the case up to now. This reduces their accountability to us, on a whole range of crucial issues and services over which local councils could have a significant impact on radical change as envisaged in our ecosocialist manifesto.

As Left Unity Wales we produced this appeal to the left in Wales to coordinate over standing in these elections. It includes a many demands that we should put on those standing for council and on our candidates, if we had anyone to stand.

If any member would like to stand as a Left Unity candidate in the local elections, please let us know and what you think of standing on this statement.

To help take things forward we had a meeting of left parties and groups a few weeks ago. Here is a report of the meeting. It was agreed not to stand against each other and to meet again to see if we develop a People’s Alliance of the Left for Wales.

A radical independence campaign for Wales?

Similarly, and for the longer term, we’ve had one very informal meeting with comrades on the left in Wales who support the case that to win independence, requires relating to how it would take forward the current problems people face, democracy, ecosocialism and challenging the structural Toryism embedded in the British state.

At the moment these discussions remain informal and are ongoing.


Len Arthur

Left Unity Wales secretary

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