Council Elections

I started thinking about how I’d create a political platform for the council elections, here it is.

1. Council to commit to the creation of wealth in working communities not support for big businesses. Privatization Profits are reducing services not increasing them.

2. The council budget to be administered by the residents

3. local ward assembles to be created

4. Wards to have sovereign power over their planning and budgets, spending it in line with needs of the community.

5. Wards to form a federation to communicate and plan larger projects.

6. All delegates to be immediately recallable, and to only take justifiable expenses and loss of wages, not a regular payments.

7. Delegates to be sent to the federation of wards as required.

8. Delegates could change from federal sessions to session depending on their skills and knowledge.

9. Workplace democracy to be supported in every workplace.

10. All delegates to be subject to the policy decisions made by the ward assembles, delegates are organizational not policy making.

11. No more privatization, all outsourcing of council contracts to be given to non profits or cooperative created.

12. The council to create non profit or cooperative energy companies, and to support green local energy solutions

13. Council will create a department to assist the setting up and administration of non profits, cooperatives and small businesses.

14. The council to properly fund a credit union

15. The setting up of a local food program to make communities food secure ending dependence on globalization

16. Support for local farmers markets, free food projects and organic food production

17. The creation of an online app to allow residents to bring up and vote on topics for discussion at assemble or council meetings

18. Create small community hospital and community health solution’s

19. Creative housing solutions, supporting tiny house movement, repurposing present housing into flats where possible. Fixed rents.

20. Projects to repurpose fossil fuel vehicles to electric

21. Replace or convert public transport to electric

21. Creation of cycle lane network

22. Promotion of vegan diets in schools, clear product information, end the use of antibiotics, pesticides and toxic chemicals in food, end subsidies to meat farmers (and fossil fuel industry) .

23. Health projects to produce preemptive strategies and to mitigate the effects of illness and aging though diet and exercise

24. Community centres that meet all community needs.

Not sure if I forgot something 🙂 what you think

I do note that if ward had democracy and budgetary power they could decide anything they like.

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