These Are My Principles, If You Don’t Like Them I Have Others

Rachael Swindon March 06, 2022

It is Sunday, so I thought I would start with something a bit Jeezy-like.
This is called the “Seven Social Sins”, and it is from a sermon by the Anglican priest, Frederick Lewis Donaldson in Westminster Abbey, London, on March 20, 1925.

Wealth without work.

Pleasure without conscience.

Knowledge without character.

Commerce without morality.

Science without humanity.

Worship without sacrifice.

Politics without principle.

Amen to that, Fred.That

has been quite a week.

The government is sanctioning Russia, apparently, although I still don’t understand why they manage to sanction a benefit claimant within minutes, but if you invade another country it takes months.

On Wednesday we had the rare spectacle of MPs furiously clapping to welcome the Ukrainian High Ambassador to the House of Commons. I’m sure his excellence appreciated the gesture, although if he wants to have a quick word with the NHS workforce he’ll soon find out what claps from British politicians are really worth.

Another ‘highlight’ of the last week has to be gormless Gavin Williamson picking up a knighthood.

He went from being a fireplace salesman to the Defence Secretary that told Putin to “shut up and go away”, in the blink of an eye. Even Theresa May sacked the national security risk.

How shit must someone be to get sacked by that pernicious hate goblin?

Williamson knows where the Tory bodies are buried, you see, but at least it goes a bit further towards the argument for scrapping the archaic honours system, because they generally end up going to anal canals such as Williamson.

Anyway, let’s get on with dissecting the apostate Keir Starmer’s ghastly Labour Party.

The scenes of humans fleeing war absolutely breaks my heart. Mums carrying their children and a carrier bag with a few personal possessions, wondering if they will ever see their loved ones again.

If ever there was a time to open our arms and embrace humanity it is now, in 2022. Compassion is an absolute necessity, not a luxury.

So you can imagine my horror this week when I read about Keir Starmer, the human rights barrister, disgracefully refusing to back an open door policy for fleeing Ukranian refugees – something his once-beloved European Union are doing, and a position backed by nearly 40 Conservative MPs.

Keir Starmer, the leader of a democratic socialist party, pitching himself to the right of Conservative MPs? Nothing to see here.

One of my favourite cities in England is Liverpool. It’s crammed full of compassionate, decent socialists that deserve a compassionate and decent Labour Party.

So why the hell are the red Tory despots suspending SIX Liverpool Labour councillors, simply for signaling their intention to vote against the Labour Party’s budget cuts?

Councillors Alan Gibbons, Lindsay Melia, Alison Clarke, Alfie Hincks, Rona Heron and Joanne Calvert, have all been suspended because they tried to protect some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in Liverpool.

That’s Keir Starmer’s Labour Party. You are either with them, or you are against them. The middle ground is no longer a viable option. Principles have no place here.

Meanwhile, up in Northumberland, Cllr Holly Waddell was expelled from the Labour Party after ‘likes’ on her personal Facebook page were mistakenly assumed as support for ‘Socialist Appeal’ – a group banned by Keir Starmer for being politically left-wing.

Councillor Waddell was followed out of the door by Tony Pierre. Tony was hired by the North of Tyne Mayor, Jamie Driscoll, to be his campaigns manager just a few months ago.

Tony is alleged to be a member of Socialist Appeal. The name alone would suggest there should be plenty of pew space in the “broad church” of the Labour Party.

The McCarthyism within the Labour Party certainly isn’t a new thing. It is simply an extension of the socialist witch-hunt that was conducted throughout the Corbyn years.

Our most critical error throughout the years of hope was to not behave with the same ruthlessness as the neoliberal warmongering Labour right continue to behave today.
Labour First, Progress, Labour Tomorrow, you will remember the poisonous influence they had. We should’ve proscribed every single one of them, and expelled anyone that demonstrably worked against the core values of a democratic socialist Labour Party.

Starmer told a Parliamentary Labour Party meeting earlier this week: “Let me be very clear. There will be no place in this party for false equivalence between the actions of Russia and the actions of NATO.”

This was aimed at the small number of left-wing MPs that Starmer wants to threaten and intimidate into being obsequious principle-free Streeting clones.

You see, authoritarian political ideologies have a vested interest in promoting fear. You can stand firmly by your principles, or you can give in to the fear and allow the spiritless Starmer regime to dictate your principles.

Moral principles do not require a majority vote. There is no compromise.

Shonky Starmer is the epitome of a politician that says, “these are my principles, if you don’t like them I have others”. When it comes to style you should swim with the current, but when it comes to principles you have to stand like a rock.

This is the same Keir Starmer that wanted to abolish the monarchy.

This is the same Keir Starmer that wanted the UK to quit NATO.

This is the same Keir Starmer that laughably claimed he still sees himself as a socialist.

This is the same Keir Starmer that stood in solidarity with McDonalds workers during their campaign for a £15 minimum wage in 2019, before demanding his former Shadow Employment Rights Secretary, Andy McDonald, argue AGAINST a £15 minimum wage because it was the “responsible” thing to do.

Can you see where I am going with this?

This is the same Keir Starmer that promised to stand by freedom of movement as Britain left the European Union, just to swiftly ditch the commitment when he realised it wasn’t a vote winner.

Important principles may, and must, be inflexible, Mr Starmer. Change your opinions, of course, we all do this, but you have to keep to your principles, and you frequently demonstrate you are unable to do so.

You may recall just last week when Liz Truss gave the go-ahead to any British citizen that fancied getting slaughtered by a cruise missile, which provoked the Russian dictator into announcing he was putting his nuclear death weapons on standby?

Not to be outdone in the idiocy marathon, the fraudulent hawk Starmer announced he will speak to the Government regarding a no-fly zone – something that has already been dismissed by the most toxic right-wing government in living memory.

This isn’t responsible leadership, Mr Starmer. Is this posturing reckless language. Are you trying to win the arms dealers votes?

Keir Starmer, the leader of a democratic socialist party, pitching himself to the right of Conservative MPs? Nothing to see here.

Would you say this is befitting of a principled Labour leader? I don’t think so. Is it befitting of a Prime Minister? Undoubtedly not.

What’s the plan? Carpet bomb the Stop The War Coalition and replace it with the Start The War Cabal? You cannot and will not stamp out opposition to war with aggression.

In the space of just 2 years the Labour Party has gone from a force for global peace, demanding the recognition of a Palestinian state, to talking up no-fly zones, undoubtedly triggering direct combat with the Russian military, and doubling-up on the flags whenever a camera is pointing towards them.

This hard-man patriot act of Starmer’s is embarrassing to witness, although it’s not a great shock when you think he writes for tabloids owned by Rupert Murdoch and Jonathan Harold Esmond Vere Harmsworth, the 4th Viscount Rothermere.

Finally, congratulations to Pauline ‘Matt Hancock fan’ Hamilton and the Labour Party for dragging the Labour vote in the Birmingham Erdington by-election to its lowest number since they first contested the seat, 99 years ago.

They threw everything at the seat, yet they still managed to get less than half of the vote number achieved by Jeremy Corbyn in 2017, when we had hope, a leader, and some policies to be absolutely proud of.
But on a serious note, well done to Pauline and Labour for achieving this historic low against the backdrop of war drums, a spiralling cost of living crisis, partygate, Tory corruption, the highest Covid death toll in Europe, and the very worst government in living memory.

Until next time,


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