Breaking: SIXTH Liverpool councillor joins rebels against mayor’s cuts


OMG I didn’t realise that any Labour councillors opposed cuts? Thought they just called the “the budget” and collected they 18 grand.

This morning five Liverpool Labour councillors announced their refusal to vote for cuts proposed by City mayor Joanne Anderson and Tory-imposed commissioners.

But already the group has grown to six. Cllr Lindsay Melia has joined Councillors Alison Clarke, Alan Gibbons, Rona Heron, Alfie Hincks and Joanne Calvert – daughter of former city mayor Joe Anderson.

Keir Starmer’s Labour has promised ‘severe’ punishment for standing up for the people of the city – likely to mean withdrawal of the Labour whip and the expulsion from the party that goes with it in the authoritarian minds of the Labour right.

If the councillors continue to stand as a group they would be close to forming the opposition group on the council, especially if – as is likely – they join for essentials with Sam Gorst, the councillor already unjustly expelled by the party and Cllr Sarah Morton and former Lord Mayor Anna Rothery, who already resigned from the party in disgust at the leadership’s conduct.

Solidarity with the six – and counting.

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