Labour right ‘memo’ excludes BLM from Liverpool’s ‘anti-racism festival’


Chantelle Lunt (left with megaphone)

Merseyside BLM’s Chantelle Lunt – a co-founder of the ‘Kill the Bill’ movement against the Tories’ legislation to prevent protest – barred from participating in city’s event next month, without even an excuse or explaation from the Liverpool Labour establishmentA Labour establishment ‘memo’ is barring left-wing black activist Chantelle Lunt from participating in the ‘Liverpool against Racism’ festival next month, according to sources in the city.

The right-wing move was first flagged and condemned in a tweet by the well-known Merseyside Pensioners’ Association, which also pointed out that the city’s mayor Joanne Anderson is allowing right-wing fundamentalist ‘hate preacher’ Franklin Graham to use council property a month later:

Lunt, a former police officer who quit the force in protest at the racism and misogyny she experienced, co-founded the ‘Kill the Bill’ movement against the Tories’ repressive legislation to criminalise protest, as well as chairing the Merseyside Black Lives Matter Alliance – yet Liverpool’s Labour establishment is barring her from participating and Lunt herself told Skwawkbox that from the awkward reactions of various figures when she turned up at meetings where other organisers were kn attendance made it clear that a ‘memo has gone round telling them these people re not to be involved’, adding:

They’ve not given any excuse for it and [in a thread about the issue] they’ve tried to claim that only white people are speaking up, but actually there’s a lot of black people speaking up on that thread and they’re ignoring black people. An issue that’s often raised in this area is that black people are often ignored and that’s not on, we have as much right and as much voice in the fight against racism as anyone.

As for me personally, I’ve more than proven that I’ve been fighting racism for a long time as a police officer and as an activist. So no, there’s been no reason given and I doubt there will be.

Mayor Joanne Anderson, who became mayor only after Starmer’s party intervened to remove a popular left-wing black woman from the party’s selection process, has appeared to be cooperating with party leader Keir Starmer and his allies. This has been particularly visible on the issue of cuts imposed on the city by Tory commissioners and the shameful treatment of councillors who have refused to vote for those cuts, whose appointment to interfere in Liverpool’s affairs was welcomed by the Brylcreemed one – despite Starmer’s decision to write repeatedly for the Murdoch S*n, which is almost completely boycotted on Merseyside for its abuse and smears of Hillsborough victims, survivors and families.

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