I don’t want to feel angry.

I’m just back from a people’s assembly demonstration, I think I’m to angry at everyone.

I’m angry at Labour Party speaker whipping up the “crowd” about how terrible cuts are? Bliar pushed austerity and continued Thatchers work. Labour’s supported imperialist wars and started some of their own that killed millions of people. The Labour and cooperative Party has had control of local government for decades and has introduced privatisation not cooperatives.

I’m angry that leninists tried to sell me their “socialist” papers, Lenins elite turned away from socialism so quickly its amazing their heads didn’t fall off. 30+ million dead and they still can’t see that hierarchy’s produce elites that cling to power.

I’m angry that the Left at the demo were talking to themselves? Organising is talking to everyone not other left wing activists.

I’m angry at the different programs on the left? It’s seems redundant or a intellectual fancy. If you called for three things, ward assembles, immediate recall of delegates and budgets to be planned and spent by wards, people would decide their needs.

I’m also concerned that Murray Bookchin’s observation that the hierarchical organisation of workers in capitalist factories, service industry, offices etc has made us compliant. Used to orders we are happy to accept our place? Perhaps we’ll win the lottery,??

Maybe it’s a combination of this hegemony and the emiseration Marx’s speaks of? People are so busy keeping their heads above what they got not time to discuss change.

Many working people when asked about politics say they don’t do politics, this is not supprizing as it has done little for them. I know I won’t be voting again until its for the return of power to the communities.

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