How to control your debts!

I have felt the overwhelming anxiety that brings on a fight or flight response that comes from debt.

The feeling builds till you feel you need to cut yourself to release it, this is caused being being out of control. How do you stop being out of control?

The answer is simple you take back control, and here’s the way I did it.

1. Get all the scary bits of paper that your debts are written on and count them up, it really doesn’t matter how big the number we’re going sort it.

2. Make a budget ignore debts like bank loans, credit cards only things you only have to pay rent/mortgage, food, heating, utilities.

3. Write to your creditors, tell them your sorting it, can they freeze interest or fees, while you work out what you can pay them or contact a charity like stepchange for help. This will give you time now they can’t hassle you.

4. If you owe money to rent/mortgage or utilities you write them first offering to repay arrears at a level you can afford, sometimes building societies will give you a three month break.

5. Write debt companies offer them what you can afford, they will ask for a budget tell them NO! Under British law they can only ask for a budget before a county court appearance, so say you offer £20 a month and they write back and ask for a budget you say no, your not getting one here’s my offer again. This back and forth my go on for a few months? Which is good for you as your not paying anything.

Once they finally agree on a repayment don’t feel bound by it if your circumstances change alter the payment. They’ll write you and you can write back but unless they want to go to court which costs them money then their fucked!

After you done this for a while you’ll start to feel like a cat with a mouse, everytime they write you you’ll see the letter and smile and think fuck you I’m in charge.

I wrote this in response to this very sad Facebook Post

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