Damning letter implores Keir Starmer to intervene – or face complaints to EHRC and Electoral Commission

Three Leicester councillors have accused the Labour party of excluding women, Muslims and whole branches in order to rig its selection process to prevent the city’s mayor facing a selection battle.

A letter from the councillors to Keir Starmer, obtained by Skwawkbox, says that in a ‘shambolic’, ‘Islamophobic’ and ‘racist’ selection process local Labour employees:

  • excluded Muslims from selection votes by holding the votes during Ramadan, in a city with a high proportion of Asian residents in the UK, including in wards with some of the largest Muslim populations in the city
  • disadvantaged women in the selection process
  • cancelled or suspended meetings of branches likely to vote in favour of a selection contest, including one only an hour before the meeting was due to start
  • declared a meeting of the party’s local government committee ‘null and void’ to prevent the party’s preferred committee chair being defeated, yet allowed the ‘procedures secretary’ – a former employee of the mayor and until recently an employee of right-wing Labour MP Jon Ashworth – selected at the void meeting to exercise the role
  • ignored and dismissing complaints about the abuses of democracy and procedure
  • withholding details of vote tallies from members

The letter concludes by stating bluntly the Islamophobia, racism and sexism – with an implied warning to Starmer that if he fails to act, the complainants will refer the matter to the Electoral Commission and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC):

These concerns are genuine. The era of “fixing” results in the Labour Party should be a thing of the past. Asian members of the party are being stopped from attending meetings. Meetings are being cancelled if there is a perception that they will vote in favour of an open selection. There are elements of Islamaphobia [sic], racism and old fashion manipulation. Women have been excluded from all of these processes and this needs to change.

Please will you intervene to pause the process, investigate these complaints and allow the remaining branches to vote as a matter of urgency?

Let’s deal with this internally and not let us have to rely on the EHRC or the Electoral Commission to conduct an inquiry. Let’s do this ourselves.

Leicester Labour has been embroiled in other controversies recently, including allowing disgraced bully and would-be cocaine-procurer and former MP Keith Vaz to run its local election campaigns – to disastrous effect.

The national party’s right-wing regime under Keir Starmer has also been hammered for rampant Islamophobia and other forms of racism, including anti-Gypsy bigotry and the targeted persecution of left-wing Jews.


Pope Francis has put Keir Starmer in a tight spot after the Primate said that NATO’s aggressive expansion toward Russia’s borders may well have ‘facilitated’ or even ‘provoked’ the invasion of Ukraine.

Starmer has declared war on the Stop the War group and has said that there is no place in the Labour party for anyone who questions NATO’s actions, but the Pope – speaking to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera – said that while he could not say for sure whether the west’s actions ‘provoked’ Russia’s reaction, NATO’s ‘barking at Russia’s door’ ‘facilitated it, perhaps yes‘.

One Labour backbench wag told Skwawkbox that Starmer is now ‘anti-God’ and that the Pontiff would not be welcome in the Labour party – but this is hardly the first time that Labour’s notional leader has taken positions that would disgust the anti-war, anti-poverty and anti-capitalist head of the Catholic church.

Francis has blasted the reliance on ‘free market’ economics and the poverty and disenfranchisement it creates, while Starmer shamelessly binned promises to renationalise vital industries and even wants further privatisation in the NHS – and the Pope would surely take a dim view of Starmer breaking every one of the pledges with which the brylcreemed one conned Labour members into supporting his leadership bid.

So Labour shuts its doors to Catholics, Jews, Moslems, Asians, Socialists, Women, Liverpool and young people? But opened them to Rupert Murdock and corporate money??

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