Next month training wave

Based on Alex Leonidas programs

I have adjusted his program for my age, I now train two days a week on heavy Wieghts and do one cardio/abdominal day. Muscle is built though rest and recovery so managing fatigue is the most important thing

I have gained 14lbs in last few months, not all from beer, I put this down to sticking to Alex Bromleys Volume/intensity program (3 week waves are 6 week due to reduced training frequency) and lowering my fatigue level.

The program below I will be increasing volume and load over the 3 weeks on main compound lifts. Week 1 = 3 sets, week 2 =4 sets week 3 =5 sets, load I will start where I left off on last cycle and simple add 5 lbs a week. In wiegth training slow steady load increases when your actually stronger not have better form or specify is key, wish I’d realised this 40 years ago.

Lastly remember to treat your strenght training reps like bodybuilding reps, off season training for muscle and strength is not competition training!

Workout A
Box Squat 5×4-6 at 80-90%
Bench Press  3/5×4-6
Pendlay Row 3×4-6
Barbell Overhead Barbell Extension 3×6-10
Dumbbell incline Curl 3×6-10
Standing Cable Crunch 3×10-20

Workout B
Box Squat 1x5RM
Paused OHP 3/5×4-6
Conventional/Trap Bar Deadlift 1x5RM
Chinup 3×3-5
Close Grip Bench Press 3×6-8
Reverse Hyperextension 3×20
Standing Cable Crunch 3×10-20

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