Left Unity – Why Is It So Hard to Achieve?

ByMike Stanton

announcing policies whose sole aim is to attract Conservative voters. Little wonder that many of Corbyn’s supporters now find themselves politically homeless.

For socialists this raises a number of questions.

Can the left ever win control of the Labour Party and usurp the authority of the anti-socialist MPs and bureaucrats who dominate it today?
Even if we succeed, will following a strategy to deliver socialism via the ballot box be allowed by the vested interests of the UK state?
If we reject that option, are any of the legacy organisations from a hundred years of class struggle a viable option to lead the next phase of the struggle?
If not, how do we organise to overthrow capitalism before it destroys the world in a climate catastrophe or a nuclear holocaust?
The Future
Although my own political sympathies are fairly obvious, I hope this account is not taken in a sectarian way. All the groups and tendencies I have discussed, and the many I have not discussed – anarchism and syndicalism for example – consist of people who have shown great courage, self-sacrifice, dedication and commitment to the cause of socialism. If they have been found wanting, so have I.

As for the future, working class people and their allies amongst the oppressed are fighting back. The current strike wave has placed class struggle back on the agenda. Climate crisis resistors like Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion are building mass campaigns. They are using tools like social media undreamed of by Marx or Lenin or Trotsky. But they each would recognise the courage of this new generation of activists and seek to learn from its creativity in finding new methods of struggle and new forms of organisation that, together with the rich lessons from our history, might finally destroy the heart of the beast that is Capitalism.

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