70 years ago the UK stepped up a brutal colonial intervention in Malaya, presenting it as a war against Chinese communism. British forces herded hundreds of thousands of people into fortified camps, heavily bombed rural areas and resorted to extensive propaganda to win the conflict. MARK CURTIS 13 SEPTEMBER 2022 The so-called “emergency” in Malaya […]

It’s Not Clever to be Smart

Smart meters were introduced by energy suppliers and the government supposedly as a way to make life easier for consumers. Energy bills would be more accurate and cheaper, and the smart meters would be ultimately to our benefit. They would enable us to pay exactly for what energy we use, rather than relying on estimates. […]

The Revolving door from Westminster to the Boardrooms allows the Bankers and Energy companies to make the rules.

By Paul Knaggs -September 2nd There’s a Revolving door from Westminster to the Boardrooms of the Banks and Energy companies, that’s why most politicians will always protect the oligarchy over the people.We will never get true representation with MPs working towards the common good while ever they have external influence that rewards them while in […]

Labouring in vain: a critical history of the Labour Party

Author : SubversionSubmitted by Django on December 8, 2009 The Origins of the Labour PartyUnlike most of its European counterparts, the British Labour Party was not created by people calling themselves socialists. It was set up by the Trade Unions, to act in the interest of those unions. In fact in its early days it […]

Enough is Enough

Our five demands to tackle the crisis1. A Real Pay Rise.2. Slash Energy Bills.3. End Food Poverty.4. Decent Homes for All.5. Tax the Rich.Enough is Enough is a campaign to fight the cost of living crisis. We were founded by trade unions and community organisations determined to push back against the misery forced on millions […]


We are a movement against the rise in energy billsWe demand a reduction in energy bills to an affordable level.We will cancel our direct debits from Oct 1, if we are ignored.We will take this action if pledges reach 1 million by then. The Plan:It’s simple: we are demanding a reduction of energy bills to […]

Fascists In Our Midst

Supreme Court rulings, including the overturning of Roe v. Wade, herald the ascendancy of Christian fascism in the United States. By Chris Hedges / Special to ScheerPost The Supreme Court is relentlessly funding and empowering Christian fascism. It not only overturned Roe v. Wade, ending a constitutional right to an abortion, but ruled on June […]

Who are ‘the public’ ?

June 18, 2022 Tom Hughes, Anarchist communist group The current rail strike is the first major national industrial dispute for a decade, since the Public Sector anti-austerity strikes of 2011 which accounted for nearly 400,000 lost working days. Then, as now, the apparent victim was this illusionary concept of ‘the public’. Inconvenience it seems is […]