Left Unity – Why Is It So Hard to Achieve?

ByMike Stanton announcing policies whose sole aim is to attract Conservative voters. Little wonder that many of Corbyn’s supporters now find themselves politically homeless. For socialists this raises a number of questions. Can the left ever win control of the Labour Party and usurp the authority of the anti-socialist MPs and bureaucrats who dominate it […]


Home You cannot have corruption without financial secrecy and the offshore system of tax havens at the centre of it all.Are the world’s “most corrupt” countries really poorer nations like Nigeria or Bangladesh that are the victims of massive outflows of dirty money? Or are they the countries that handle all that loot, like Switzerland, […]

The Critical Mass News Team report:

Just Stop Oil have again closed the M25 in protest at the government decision to issue over 100 new licences for North Sea oil and gas exploration. Keir Starmer has disgracefully condemned Just Stop Oil as “arrogant” and said they should “just stop” and “go home.” “I’m opposed to what you’re doing, it’s not the […]

The Critical Mass News Team report:

AS THE world has focused its attention on the war in Ukraine, an equally brutal conflict has been taking place in Tigray. It has been estimated that the two-year-old conflict has led to more than 500,000 people dying from war and famine. Researchers from Belgium estimate that there have been between 50,000 and 100,000 victims […]

How Capitalists Created International Financial Institutions to Rule the Planet

BYDAN SMITHLong before Bretton Woods, powerful capitalist nations perfected the art of exploiting other countries without formally colonizing them. They’ve done this through a rigged international economy, governed by institutions like the World Bank and the IMF. Review of The Meddlers: Sovereignty, Empire, and the Birth of Global Economic Governance by Jamie Martin (Harvard University […]

The Critical Mass News Team report:

WHEN the American Bureau of Labor publishes its employment statistics later today it will have far reaching consequences for the rest of the world. The US Federal Reserve has been leading the way on interest rate rises this year in an attempt to curb inflation after the US economy bounced back strongly in the wake […]

Notes through qoutes on Anarchism

If there is a State, there must be domination of one class by another and, as a result, slavery; the State without slavery is unthinkable—and this is why we are the enemies of the State. (Bakunin 1873 [1990: 178]) Anarchism is a socio-political theory which opposes all systems of domination and oppression such as colonialism, […]


70 years ago the UK stepped up a brutal colonial intervention in Malaya, presenting it as a war against Chinese communism. British forces herded hundreds of thousands of people into fortified camps, heavily bombed rural areas and resorted to extensive propaganda to win the conflict. MARK CURTIS 13 SEPTEMBER 2022 The so-called “emergency” in Malaya […]

It’s Not Clever to be Smart

Smart meters were introduced by energy suppliers and the government supposedly as a way to make life easier for consumers. Energy bills would be more accurate and cheaper, and the smart meters would be ultimately to our benefit. They would enable us to pay exactly for what energy we use, rather than relying on estimates. […]

The Revolving door from Westminster to the Boardrooms allows the Bankers and Energy companies to make the rules.

By Paul Knaggs -September 2nd There’s a Revolving door from Westminster to the Boardrooms of the Banks and Energy companies, that’s why most politicians will always protect the oligarchy over the people.We will never get true representation with MPs working towards the common good while ever they have external influence that rewards them while in […]