How to control your debts!

I have felt the overwhelming anxiety that brings on a fight or flight response that comes from debt. The feeling builds till you feel you need to cut yourself to release it, this is caused being being out of control. How do you stop being out of control? The answer is simple you take back […]

My socialist program

By Nigel The workers’ movement for a long time it allowed itself to be seduced by the false-voices of reformism and by the siren songs of politics, which lead only to the emancipation of leaders and redeemers, who from being brothers turn abruptly into enemies. (Isaac Puente, Libertarian Communism) “The bourgeoisie controlled economic life long […]

About me

“We have a tremendous productive capacity, but this productive capacity does not return to the people! I went to Loughor secondary school and Penyrheol comprehensive and didn’t finish with a good education, so expect spelling mistakes and bad grammar! I am not going to write this blog well so I will try and keep my […]