Labouring in vain: a critical history of the Labour Party

Author : SubversionSubmitted by Django on December 8, 2009 The Origins of the Labour PartyUnlike most of its European counterparts, the British Labour Party was not created by people calling themselves socialists. It was set up by the Trade Unions, to act in the interest of those unions. In fact in its early days it […]


We are a movement against the rise in energy billsWe demand a reduction in energy bills to an affordable level.We will cancel our direct debits from Oct 1, if we are ignored.We will take this action if pledges reach 1 million by then. The Plan:It’s simple: we are demanding a reduction of energy bills to […]

Who are ‘the public’ ?

June 18, 2022 Tom Hughes, Anarchist communist group The current rail strike is the first major national industrial dispute for a decade, since the Public Sector anti-austerity strikes of 2011 which accounted for nearly 400,000 lost working days. Then, as now, the apparent victim was this illusionary concept of ‘the public’. Inconvenience it seems is […]

Italian Anarchist Federation Statement on the War in Ukraine

August 13, 2022 ACG comments: Whilst the ACG approves of this Manifesto overall, internal discussions have highlighted some concerns over the use of the term “revolutionary defeatism”. We feel that the document would benefit from either clearer definition of what is meant by the term, or possibly the use of a different term. For us […]

New Deal for Workers

Enough is enough. Time for a New Deal for Workers. The New Deal for Workers is a campaign led by trade unions and their members. It calls for a new social settlement for working people of Britain and to develop rights and provision for those same workers. It is a national shame that despite being […]

Palestine Action occupy Acronic factory in Birmingham in solidarity with Grenfell and Palestine

News, Jun 14th On Monday morning, Palestine Action activists returned to the Arconic factory in Birmingham. The team have sparked a rooftop occupation of the site, and blocked the front gates, halting business for guilty Arconic and demanding Justice for Grenfell, five years on. Today’s action was taken in solidarity with the 72 who […]

Abdullah Öcalan :The Revolution is Female

Thinking and writing about the issue of women, means calling into question all of history and society. The reason for this is the unprecedented scale of the systematic exploitation of women. From this viewpoint, the history of civilisation can be defined as the history of women’s losses. During the course of this history – the […]

Bullshit Jobs

anthropologist David Graeber book Bullshit Jobs, this summary from Wikipedia In Bullshit Jobs, American anthropologist David Graeber posits that the productivity benefits of automation have not led to a 15-hour workweek, as predicted by economist John Maynard Keynes in 1930, but instead to “bullshit jobs”: “a form of paid employment that is so completely pointless, […]