The World’s Most Taboo Legal Case

While the media world wept over Amber and Johnny, a lawsuit filed by a feminist group over prison sexual abuse remained earth’s most ignored scandal Matt Taibbi June 17 TK News by Matt Taibbi On November 17, 2021, the Women’s Liberation Front, or WoLF, filed a civil rights lawsuit in California that drew almost no […]

Abdullah Öcalan :The Revolution is Female

Thinking and writing about the issue of women, means calling into question all of history and society. The reason for this is the unprecedented scale of the systematic exploitation of women. From this viewpoint, the history of civilisation can be defined as the history of women’s losses. During the course of this history – the […]

Russia’s Feminists Are in the Streets Protesting Putin’s War

In today’s Russia, feminists form one of the most active social movements defying state repression. Now they’re uniting to resist Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine. On February 24, at around 5:30 AM Moscow time, Russian president Vladimir Putin announced a “special operation” on the territory of Ukraine in order to “denazify” and “demilitarize” this sovereign […]