Italian Anarchist Federation Statement on the War in Ukraine

August 13, 2022 ACG comments: Whilst the ACG approves of this Manifesto overall, internal discussions have highlighted some concerns over the use of the term “revolutionary defeatism”. We feel that the document would benefit from either clearer definition of what is meant by the term, or possibly the use of a different term. For us […]

Anti-war resistance in Russia

The Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky recently commented on the lack of resistance to war within Russia, saying: “”In the first few weeks I honestly believed that the Russians, once they saw what the army was doing, when they’re watching the destruction of cities, the bombing of cities such as Kharkiv and Kyiv that they […]


As Russia continues its onslaught in Ukraine, we find ourselves in a new era. How the West reacts to Vladimir Putin’s aggression will make the difference between peace and further wars – and we need to learn the lessons of other military interventions. “It’s time to make Mother Russia bleed for her crimes. We’ve done […]


British ministers seem to be making policy towards Russia’s attack on Ukraine on the hoof, and risk heightening the prospect of a war of attrition with no end in sight. RICHARD NORTON-TAYLOR 29 APRIL 2022 For decades many in the West may look back in horrified wonder at the killings of men, women and children, […]

The US Has No Idea Where Its Ukrainian Military Aid Is Going

BY BRANKO MARCETIC US officials just admitted they don’t know where their arms shipments to Ukraine will actually end up, and that they could fall into dangerous hands. Have you read Jacobin in print? Subscribe at a special rate and don’t miss our latest edition. Ever since the crisis over Ukraine began last year, a minority of […]

Is the US hindering much-needed diplomatic efforts?

Is the US hindering much-needed diplomatic efforts?Washington appears to be absent from the process, seemingly holding out for a preferred outcome while the violence rages. APRIL 9, 2022Written byTed SniderSharePrintNext to starting a war, the most reprehensible act would be keeping one going when more people will die with little hope the outcome will improve. […]

How the Ukrainian Working Class Was Born

AN INTERVIEW WITHMARKO BOJCUN, Jacobin Magazine At the turn of the last century, Ukraine’s labor movement was subject to tsarist domination and divided along linguistic lines. The revolutions of 1917 inspired calls for self-determination and the formation of a common Ukrainian identity. INTERVIEW BYDavid BroderFaced with the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine, many pundits […]

Revealed: Ukraine war makes Lords members richer through arms investments

Open Democracy Tory peers are among five House of Lords members with investments of at least £50,000 in BAE Systems Adam Bychawski17 March 2022, 1.14pm Debris carpets the ground outside a ten-storey apartment block that was shelled in Podilsky, Ukraine | Ukrinform / Alamy Stock PhotoShare viaRussia’s invasion of Ukraine has made members of […]